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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The SkyScreamer: A New Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

The SkyScreamer: A New Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

The SkyScreamer is making a huge lots of noise.  I was browsing through the net, and I just can't wait to share with you how excited I am about this.  Below you'll see some of the best posts I read so far.

Six Flags Great Adventure's New SkyScreamer Ride
Six Flags Great Adventure's New SkyScreamer Ride. The new SkyScreamer ride at Six Flags Great Adventure park is not for those with a fear of heights or a penchant for motion sickness. But if you like swinging in circles at 40 ...

Look, even a Celebrity sure knows how to have loads of fun...

Nick Jonas Among First to Ride SkyScreamer at Six Flags Great ...
On SkyScreamer's opening day, Nick Jonas was among the first to take flight on Six Flags Great Adventure's new, 24-story-tall extreme swing ride. Jonas was joined by his former Broadway cast mates from “How to Succeed in ...

SkyScreamer and Adventure Alley Debut at Six Flags Great Adventure
Last year Six Flags Great Adventure added the Green Lantern, a thrilling stand-up coaster that tested the courage of even the bravest rider. A great addition to the park, it was a hit with the thrill seeker crowd immediately after ...

Below is more information about what else is great about Six Flags Great Adventure 

10 fun facts about Six Flags Great Adventure 
10 fun facts about Six Flags Great Adventure. Calendar May 27, 2012 | Posted by Admin. 1) If you wanted to visit a drive-through safari larger than Six Flags Wild Safari, you would have to travel approximately 5000 miles to Africa. The 350-acre ...

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Six Flags San Diego aka Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags San Diego aka Six Flags Magic Mountain

So, it's that time of the year when we all head out to the park.  But not just any park. It better be Six Flags, or else the kids might think your spoiling their time off.  And it's understandable.  It's simply the best amusement theme park for thrill rides and variety.  I could try to say it in my own words, but I think Six Flags has a better way of explaining what they're all about.  Now, this is coming from their Park Info News page.

Six Flags San Diego
Image courtesy of
"Six Flags Magic Mountain is well known as a thrill ride haven with world-class roller coasters and over 100 rides, games and attractions. Set for a spring 2012 launch is the world's tallest vertical drop ride, LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom, attached to both sides of the iconic SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton's 415-foot sky-scraping tower. Fearless riders will be pulled 400 feet up the tower in floorless gondolas. After a brief and breath-taking pause, riders will plummet straight down at speeds of up to 85 miles-per-hour! 
Other amazing coasters include GREEN LANTERN: First Flight, a spinning coaster on a zigzag pattern track; Tatsu, the tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster on Earth; and X2, a fifth-dimensional roller coaster that we've taken to next level with completely redesigned trains and state-of-the-art visual, audio and sensory effects. 
But we haven't forgotten our youngest guests. Within Six Flags Magic Mountain is Bugs Bunny World, a six-acre, interactive wonderland where children enjoy pint-sized thrills."

Where is Six Flags San Diego?

Six Flags Magic Mountain located is actually located North of Los Angeles at the Magic Mountain Parkway exit off Interstate 5 in Valencia, but it's a just a few miles from San Diego.  If you're coming from San Diego, you can take the Interstate 5 north, then exit at Magic Mountain Parkway.  For more directions, you can visit this page to view a map going there.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Six Flags California, Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags California, Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags California Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags California Discovery Kingdom has more choices for your whole family - from thrill rides to family aquatic fun.  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a lot more to offer for park goers. 

Six Flags California Discovery Kingdom Thrill Rides

If you're looking for thrills, then you have found them here.  Discovery Kingdom has some of the fastest, tallest and wildest rides you've ever seen:

Boomerang Coast to Coaster is a towering steel-track supercoaster that blasts you through an intense track before doing it all again - backwards.  Cobra is a thrilling, fast-track family coaster that packs more than a little bite.  Get shot high into the sky on this 360-degree, head-over-heels adventure in the Hammerhead Shark.   Kong is a suspended looping monster delivers a feet-dangling, action-packed adrenalin rush.   There’s nothing as frightening as Medusa—the tallest, fastest, longest and most technologically-advanced roller coaster in Northern California.  Defy gravity on this one-of-a-kind spinning coaster the entire family can enjoy with Pandemonium.  Take to the sky on Roar - a classic wooden coaster featuring a 10-story-high opening drop and breathtaking speeds of up to 50 mph.  Feel the sensation of skydiving and hang-gliding in Sky Coaster, as you pull your ripcord 10 stories in the air on this remarkable sky coaster.  Have a devilishly good time on Tazmanian Devil - a high-flying, dizzying pendulum ride. But hold on tight. You’ll be tossed in circles inside a sliding, saucer-shaped disk.  Blast high into the sky on V2: Vertical Velocity, a suspended spiraling impulse coaster that hits speeds of up to 70mph in less than four seconds.  Swing high into the air before hanging upside-down on Voodoo, and getting flipped head-over-heels at 40 mph. Yes, it’s as extreme as it sounds.

SkyScreamer, New in 2011 in Six Flags California Discovery Kingdom

Experience the newest spectacle in tower rides.  This swing ride takes you up, up and up high over the park, with your feet dangling and the wind blowing your hair.  The SkyScreamer towers 150 feet above the ground and is as high as the Medusa, the park's tallest coaster.  It takes you on spinning ride in an open air swing.  At full swing, you'll soar in a 98-foot circle at speeds over 43 mph.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Animal Attractions

The whole family will definitely enjoy the animal attractions of the park.  Dolphin Discovery allows you to swim with the dolphins, and you get to become a Trainer for a Day; you will be able to spend a whole day with their certified sea lion and dolphin trainers.   If you feel a bit more adventurous, you and your family can try the Sharks in the Dark - an incredible overnight, sleepover adventure with the sharks.

So, whether you are with a group of thrill-seeking friends, or out for a fun-filled family bonding experience, Six Flags California Discovery Kingdom has it all for you. Be ready for the greatest adventure of your life!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Six Flags California, Magic Mountain

Six Flags California, Magic Mountain

Six Flags California: Magic Mountain reclaims the much sought after  "Coaster Capital of the World" crown in 2011 with the opening of 3 new coasters - the "Green Lantern", "Superman: Escape from Krypton", and the "Road Runner Express" - now with a total of 18 coasters!

The Green Lantern: First Flight

The Green Lantern is the first in the US Spinning Coaster. This ride is a completely vertical, zigzagged, and is 107 feet high. It takes you on an 828 feet spin through it's twisted vertical track. Hal Jordan, recognized as the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps, dares you to conquer your fear, and release all your inhibitions in this extremely thrilling ride. We dare you to be as Fearless as a Green Lantern! Join him in Six Flags California!

Superman: Escape From Krypton

The "Superman: Escape From Krypton" takes you on an adrenaline pumping "Fly Face-First Backwards" thrill ride of your life. This ride will blast you at 100 mph backwards on a 900 foot track that zooms up 415 feet in the air, then plummets you you back down to earth.

These two rides alone in Six Flags California would break any thrill records in the world. Add the "Batman: The Ride", "Colossus", "Dive Devil", "The Riddler's Revenge" and "Scream" into the mix, and you're in for the most thrilling and death defying adventure of a lifetime.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Six Flags Denver Elitch Gardens

Six Flags Denver

Six Flags Denver Elitch Gardens

The Six Flags Denver Elitch Gardens Theme Park is one of the oldest theme parks in America. It's existence dates back to 1889 and there have been several changes made over time. Elitch Gardens, now a Six Flags Denver attraction, has now transformed into a modern and contemporary theme park. It's a combination of an amusement park and water park in one. 

It's the perfect place to enjoy lots of fun and entertainment with your whole family. With over 45 rides to choose from - such as the Twister II, Flying Coaster, Halfpipe, and Tower of Doom among others - it is surely a must-try tourist destination. For those that are not up to the challenge of thrill rides such as these, especially little kids and older folks, the Looney Tunes and the fully restored carousel is perfect. Did you know that the Carousel dates back to 1925?

Six Flags Denver Thrill Rides: Are you ready for this?

Does these names ring any bell? Sidewinder, Thunderbolt, Mind Eraser, and Chaos. These names are synonymous to extreme fun. 
The Island Kingdom Water Park boasts of the Commotion Ocean, Castaway Creek, Splashdown, the Edge and Cannonball Falls.
Six Flags Denver Elitch Gardens is a crazy but fun-filled place. No matter what age you are, or your dare-devil level is, there's a perfect ride just waiting for you to try. It's totally crazy!!!

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